How About a Harley?

This is day 2

Near my house is a beautiful Harley Davidson store that I had never been in before Day 2.  Walked in and saw the most beautiful motorcycles I had ever seen.  Brand new … huge bikes.  First bike I got close to was the HD Electra Glide Ultra Classic … this thing was massive!  There wasn’t a speck of dust on this beast.  Next, I stood next to the HD Softail Deluxe … again, a beautiful machine (no wind screen …).

I was in the store for about 10 minutes imagining riding one of these wonderful machines and Mark came up to me and asked if I had any questions.  Mark wore a bandanna, a sleeveless shirt, vest and sported an 8 inch beard.  I said that I was just looking.  “Do you ride?” he asked.  “No, but I think I’m going to ride, just need a bike,” I replied.

We were near the Electra Glide when he asked if I’d like to sit on it.  I really wanted to, but it was a huge bike … I wasn’t even sure how to get on it.  Would I need a step later (I’m six foot, 190lbs) … Mark saw my reluctance and encouraged me to start from the right side, hold on to the brake and swing a leg over the seat.  So, I grabbed the brake handle and swung my leg over … then on my second try … success!  I was straddling this beautiful motorcycle.  Mark in his wisdom and knowing that I knew little to nothing about motorcycles was straddling the front tire so I wouldn’t tip over (I guess).  I brought the bike so that is was straight up and I was balancing this gigantic bike while sitting on the seat.  Super comfortable, BUT the weight was huge!  This Harley weighed about 950lbs!  I then asked Mark how I should exit the bike (I was serious).  Off I went.

Now, you should know that 25 years earlier my Dad had a Honda Gold Wing and a huge Yamaha touring bike … I think it was a Yamaha Venture.  I rode a total of probably 10 hours 25 years ago.

Then I asked the question:


Day 2 continues next …

What is Danger Dave?

Before we go much further I need to let you know how the name “Danger” became associated with my first name, “Dave”.

I wish there was some great story how I risk life and limb and did a bunch of crazy stunts and survived.  But, the fact of the matter is … not sure why I was nicknamed Danger.  It started when one of my kids was in college.  My wife and I got to know many of his friends in college over the years he attended.  After one of their college baseball game, my son’s friend called me Danger.  It stuck with those group of guys. So, whenever we visit these kids they will greet me with, “Hi Danger”.

That’s the awesome story of the name Danger.  I use it in this blog cause it sounds cool … if you’re not cool at least have a name that’s cool and “fake it till you make it”!

That’s all I have to say about that.

Now let’s move to day 2 … the Harley Store!



Danger Dave


Why a Motorcycle?

Why a motorcycle?

For about 6 months I had been looking for something to do in the evening time after work.  Something more tangible than reading, writing or singing.  Felt like I needed something that I could “work on”, maybe something more mechanical.  Thought about a boat, motor home,  airplane, old car, but, none of these things caught on.  I had a boat years earlier and had fun with it.  How many times would I use a boat?  Maybe 12 times a year?  Airplane … simply too expensive.  Every time I drove by a motor home storage facility I’d see all these motor homes that looked liked they never get used, that was out.  An old car to fix up?  Then I would go to car shows and stand around with all the other guys and stare at the wonderful cars … nope, not for me.

Day 1

Sitting at a stop light a motorcycle pulled up next to me.  One look over at the guy on his motorcycle … that was it!  Decided right then and there I would get a motorcycle!  A motorcycle would be something I could ride all the time.  It would be in my garage (so I thought) … all I would need to do is come home, get the key, hop on and go … it would be that easy (so I thought).

When I arrived home I “shared” with my wife that I was going to buy a motorcycle.  Initial response from my wife was, “no you’re not”.  It wasn’t like a loud “NO YOU’RE NOT!”, it was more like “are you nuts?” kind of a response.  When you’ve been married as long as I have … you know the difference … there was definitely some wiggle room in her response.  I simply responded with, “well, I think I am”.  After some discussion she relented and said “well, maybe”.  At that point I knew it was going to happen!

Now I needed to do some research as to what brand, style, size of bike to get.

Day 2 ….. to the local Harley shop!