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If your thinking about getting into riding a street motorcycle this blog may be helpful.  I will be chronicling my experiences from start to current times.  From the “why” start riding at 60 years of age to how I decided on what motorcycle to buy and how I bought the motorcycle.  I will be sharing my riding experiences … both the good and the bad (and I have made a few mistakes!).

I started this journey in mid May 2017.  I actually started riding my bike Friday, May 26. Since then and up to this weekend (November 18, 2017) I will have traveled over 12,000 miles!  I’ve ridden on twisty roads (5,000+ miles), freeways, two lane highways and some dirt roads (interesting).  For the record, I am totally addicted to riding!!

This blog at times records historical activities  in present tense.  I’m not that good of writer … please bear with me and read on … 🙂

Should you have comments or “corrections”, please feel free to send them my way as I am always looking for more information on motorcycles, etc..

If you enjoy the blog, please share the website with your friends!  If you do not like the blog … start over and read it again … I’m certain you’ll like it the second time through 🙂

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Danger Dave

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