Why I Am Addicted!

Can’t Ride for Another 2 Weeks!

What I’m about to “blog” about will only be understood by the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of motorcycle riders.  If you don’t ride motorcycles you will never get it.   However, if you read this as a non-motorcycle rider … go easy on me.   And if you want to understand … get a bike and go ride!

I read a saying that goes like this; “I love to ride and hate to arrive!”. I so get this adage.  Even after riding 5-7 hours … I hate to stop.  It is just magical to be on the road riding a huge bike, enjoying the sounds, smells and environment.  It is a great feeling riding a motorcycle.

Due to my inexperience and stupidity my 2008 beautiful Goldwing has been damaged (see previous blog: NTSB Report).  It’s been 15 days since the bikes injuries and another 14 days (probably a little longer) before repairs are made and I get the bike back!

Let me try to explain what riding is like.  First, there seems to be a low-level adrenaline rush when you’re riding.  While I have never done drugs, it might be like having an I.V. with adrenaline being pumped into your veins at a slow but steady pace.  Maybe that comes from some of the danger of riding. Mostly I think that rush comes from the control you have over the machine. Using the throttle with your hand is so different than using your foot to step on the gas in your car.  Having to lean your machine to one side or the other to turn … so much fun!  A nice high speed turn, leaning over WOW! it just feels good! (I’m not talking about dragging a knee around the corner … just riding on a long curve).  Riding up in the hills when you are constantly moving the bike by leaning left then right and doing it over and over … THE BEST!   Cruising on a highway straight for miles … even that is awesome! Lots of time to get into that Zen zone … just thinking about life!  There is always a small little adrenaline rush riding.

Second, riding a motorcycle, you are exposed to the environment.  Most people enjoy riding in a convertible car … to feel the air and experience more of the environment; more so on a motorcycle.  On a motorcycle you are totally exposed to the environment.  The various smells … it’s unbelievable.  When you ride from the city to higher elevations … the smells change from 1,000’ to 9’000’.  Riding through farm lands the smells change dramatically. Temperature changes are most notable. In my car I set the temperature to 72 and no matter where I go the automatic climate control keeps the car at 72 … it could be 100 outside or 30 … it’s 72 in my car.  On a bike you can feel the change of only a few degrees.  You are “one with the environment”😊.    My bike has a very cool wind screen … I don’t get the air directly in my face … but, I can still feel the air swirling around … again, it’s just being in the environment that is so fun.

Third, you are alone with your thoughts.  Yep, for some of us that can be dangerous 😊.   Even while paying attention to all the things you must consider while riding, riding is a great time to sort things out in your life.  The constant drone of the motor is hypnotic … it’s the song that says everything is good in life!  This is going to sound dumb (I’ve been accused of that!) but, when riding … you and the engine kind of communicate … the motor hums and says “I’m feeling good!”  At times I will listen to the radio when riding … it’s good.  But, for me the very best times are when the only sound is the engine singing, feeling the air around you and just thinking about how lucky I am to be riding this beautiful Goldwing!

Attempting to quantify the high I get from riding my Gold Wing is somewhat difficult.  For you riders, I’d enjoy hearing your comments about why you like to ride … why you’re addicted!  Please share.

Since I’m grounded for another week or so, my next posting will be about “gear” … wearing safety gear; jacket, pants, helmets, gloves, etc.  I have some ideas that might surprise you …



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