Committed to Buy

The decision was pretty easy.

Day 3-4 I contemplated what bike to get.  I knew I wanted a big bike (Electra Glide, Gold Wing, etc.) I had just spent time in the Harley store and saw some beautiful bikes.  However, I eliminated HDs for a couple of reasons.  First, the Harley was a little too loud for my liking.  I had a neighbor that wakes the entire neighborhood when he leaves on his HD at 5:00 in the morning.  Second, I wanted the most reliable bike I could get.  While I believe the newer HDs have very few break downs, I was going to buy a used bike, maybe 5-8 years old.  I heard a guy once joke that “95% of all Harleys are still on the road today …. the other 5% made it home”.

My decision came by way of my lawnmower.  Thirty two years ago I bought a Tru-Cut 25” front throw lawnmower.  It has a 5 hp Honda motor.  After 32 years it still starts with one pull!  It has been super reliable.

Since I had a little experience (very little) on a 1991 Gold Wing … well, just like that I decided to start looking at Honda Gold Wings.  Now, I knew very little about GWs or any motorcycle for that matter.  However, I placed my entire focus on searching for a Gold Wing GL1800.

I found  This is a great website!  If you’re looking to get a new or used motorcycle spend some time on this website.  After becoming an “expert” on 2007-2009 GWs I found one that I started to focus on.  It was down in Huntington Beach, CA at a motorcycle shop … a 2007 with 70,000 miles.  This used bike had a couple of extras like a seat back rest and floorboards.  The price was $12,000.  We were heading down to the area in a few days and was excited to go see my new bike!

On day 4 while spending way too many hours on cycletrader I came across a new listing of a Gold Wing.  This was a 2008 GL1800 with 17,000 miles for $10,500.  Hmmm, big difference in price and mileage. While most listings on cycletrader have several pictures attached this listing had only one.

Calling the phone number I spoke to James.  I had a simple question: “Why are you selling your bike?”  James said that it was his Dad’s bike and that his dad had passed away a few years earlier and the family was now ready to sell the bike.  I asked if I could come up and see the bike and two days later one of my sons and I were there looking at a beautiful 2008 Gold Wing!

We talked to James about the GW.  We started it and listened to the engine run … sounded good to me.  Checked out the lights, oil and other fluids.  All looked good to me (frankly, I had no idea what to look for … leaky fluids?).  James volunteered information that he had trailered the bike 50 miles to a local motorcycle store to place the bike on consignment a few days earlier.  At the same time he paid a $100 for an inspection of the bike.  They suggested that the bike needed new tires, a front fork seal was leaking and perhaps a new battery.  It’s fair to say, James didn’t have a good feeling with these guys and brought the bike home and placed the add in cycletrader.  He offered me the invoice as proof and I knew I didn’t need to read it.

When you do business like buying a used motorcycle, I feel you should trust the person you’re doing business with or walk away.  In a short time, we felt James was very trustworthy.  We settled on a price of $10,000.  I gave James a deposit and agreed to me coming in a few days to get the bike.

I now have a lot to do before I pick this bike up in 5 days.  Get a permit to drive it, helmet and gear and whatever else you need.

This is when the first challenges begin to pop up ….


Author: dangerdavemoto

New motorcycle enthusiast!

One thought on “Committed to Buy”

  1. Hey Dave!
    Just finished reading all of your posts from the top til here and I just wanted to reach out and let you know I love what you’re doing here! My name’s Nick, I own BlackCat Motorcycles & Coffee. Again, great job on the site-hope to see what you’re up to next! Stay stafe out there my friend!


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