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Continuation Day 2

Then I asked the question:


Mark shared a couple cool aspects he thought were good for the HD side:

First, owning a Harley you become part of the HD family … a brotherhood of people who like the freedom of riding motorcycles.  Secondly, one of the good things about being a HD owner is that there is a HD dealership within a hundred miles of wherever you are in the US!

These were two good things to keep in mind.  But, I told Mark I was thinking more about the “performance” differences of the HD Electra Glide and the Honda Gold Wing.  He said that the Honda will always start and be ready to go … low maintenance.  While he didn’t say anything derogatory about the Gold Wing, I think he was trying to imply the HD is just a cooler bike!  Like I said earlier the HD Electra Glide is a beautiful bike … very cool!

Day 2 in the Harley store Mark passed on information to me that turned out to be the most significant part of my motorcycle journey thus far.  Mark leaves our conversation for a minute and comes back with a little piece of paper with a phone number to Top Gun Motorcycle Safety Course.   He says that before I do anything like buying a bike …. take this course.  He says the course will teach you fundamentals of riding and how to be a safe rider.  He said it will get you going in the right direction.

Talked with Mark for a few more minutes then I left with the piece of paper in my hand.

As soon as I got home (5 minutes from the HD store) I was on my computer looking up information about the Top Gun safety course.  Within an hour I was signed up for a class an hour away in Valencia, CA two weeks from now.

On a personal note … good or bad … when I get involved in something I go all in. Like my dad used to say … “if you’re going to be a bear be a grizzly”.  So, seeing the motorcycle at the intersection yesterday then visiting a HD store and signing up for motorcycle safety course on day 2, to me, are just things you need to do.

Summary of Day 2:

First: Mark is an awesome dude!  He was very helpful and patient answering my very basic questions.  He gave me good advice (safety class) and was never trying to push me into buying a bike.  He encouraged me to come visit if ever I had any questions that he would be happy to chat.

To anyone reading this blog and looking to buy a HD in Bakersfield, CA … see Mark!  He is a straight shooter and a knowledgeable rider.  I think he has over 500 thousand miles without an accident or ticket!

Second: By the end of Day 2 it was time to get serious about buying a motorcycle.  I would be taking a safety class in less than 2 weeks and within a few days after wanted to be a fully licensed and ready to go rider … I think.

Day 2 concludes with me finding a website called  …..


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