How About a Harley?

This is day 2

Near my house is a beautiful Harley Davidson store that I had never been in before Day 2.  Walked in and saw the most beautiful motorcycles I had ever seen.  Brand new … huge bikes.  First bike I got close to was the HD Electra Glide Ultra Classic … this thing was massive!  There wasn’t a speck of dust on this beast.  Next, I stood next to the HD Softail Deluxe … again, a beautiful machine (no wind screen …).

I was in the store for about 10 minutes imagining riding one of these wonderful machines and Mark came up to me and asked if I had any questions.  Mark wore a bandanna, a sleeveless shirt, vest and sported an 8 inch beard.  I said that I was just looking.  “Do you ride?” he asked.  “No, but I think I’m going to ride, just need a bike,” I replied.

We were near the Electra Glide when he asked if I’d like to sit on it.  I really wanted to, but it was a huge bike … I wasn’t even sure how to get on it.  Would I need a step later (I’m six foot, 190lbs) … Mark saw my reluctance and encouraged me to start from the right side, hold on to the brake and swing a leg over the seat.  So, I grabbed the brake handle and swung my leg over … then on my second try … success!  I was straddling this beautiful motorcycle.  Mark in his wisdom and knowing that I knew little to nothing about motorcycles was straddling the front tire so I wouldn’t tip over (I guess).  I brought the bike so that is was straight up and I was balancing this gigantic bike while sitting on the seat.  Super comfortable, BUT the weight was huge!  This Harley weighed about 950lbs!  I then asked Mark how I should exit the bike (I was serious).  Off I went.

Now, you should know that 25 years earlier my Dad had a Honda Gold Wing and a huge Yamaha touring bike … I think it was a Yamaha Venture.  I rode a total of probably 10 hours 25 years ago.

Then I asked the question:


Day 2 continues next …


Author: dangerdavemoto

New motorcycle enthusiast!

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