What is Danger Dave?

Before we go much further I need to let you know how the name “Danger” became associated with my first name, “Dave”.

I wish there was some great story how I risk life and limb and did a bunch of crazy stunts and survived.  But, the fact of the matter is … not sure why I was nicknamed Danger.  It started when one of my kids was in college.  My wife and I got to know many of his friends in college over the years he attended.  After one of their college baseball game, my son’s friend called me Danger.  It stuck with those group of guys. So, whenever we visit these kids they will greet me with, “Hi Danger”.

That’s the awesome story of the name Danger.  I use it in this blog cause it sounds cool … if you’re not cool at least have a name that’s cool and “fake it till you make it”!

That’s all I have to say about that.

Now let’s move to day 2 … the Harley Store!



Danger Dave



Author: dangerdavemoto

New motorcycle enthusiast!

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