Why a Motorcycle?

Why a motorcycle?

For about 6 months I had been looking for something to do in the evening time after work.  Something more tangible than reading, writing or singing.  Felt like I needed something that I could “work on”, maybe something more mechanical.  Thought about a boat, motor home,  airplane, old car, but, none of these things caught on.  I had a boat years earlier and had fun with it.  How many times would I use a boat?  Maybe 12 times a year?  Airplane … simply too expensive.  Every time I drove by a motor home storage facility I’d see all these motor homes that looked liked they never get used, that was out.  An old car to fix up?  Then I would go to car shows and stand around with all the other guys and stare at the wonderful cars … nope, not for me.

Day 1

Sitting at a stop light a motorcycle pulled up next to me.  One look over at the guy on his motorcycle … that was it!  Decided right then and there I would get a motorcycle!  A motorcycle would be something I could ride all the time.  It would be in my garage (so I thought) … all I would need to do is come home, get the key, hop on and go … it would be that easy (so I thought).

When I arrived home I “shared” with my wife that I was going to buy a motorcycle.  Initial response from my wife was, “no you’re not”.  It wasn’t like a loud “NO YOU’RE NOT!”, it was more like “are you nuts?” kind of a response.  When you’ve been married as long as I have … you know the difference … there was definitely some wiggle room in her response.  I simply responded with, “well, I think I am”.  After some discussion she relented and said “well, maybe”.  At that point I knew it was going to happen!

Now I needed to do some research as to what brand, style, size of bike to get.

Day 2 ….. to the local Harley shop!




Author: dangerdavemoto

New motorcycle enthusiast!

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